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Last updated: 29th December 2009

Commercial Entities
GeneTex Inc.
GeneTex manufactures and sells antibodies, nucleic acids, and peptides, the recombinant alpha-defensin-1 (HNP-1) being one of them.

GenScript USA Inc.
GenScript synthesises and sells peptides, the sapecin-B defensin analogues being one of them.

Hexima Limited
Hexima Limited is an agribusiness company developing and testing innovative gene technologies in commercial crops, to enhance these crops' resistance to insects and fungal pests and thereby increasing crop yield. The company has had some success with defensin-modified Coker cotton plants suffering from fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt.

Hycult Biotechnology B.V.
Hycult synthesises and sells peptides, the alpha-defensins being one of them.

Invitrogen is internationally known for biologicals manufacturing. It produces the recombinant human proteins alpha-defensin-1 (HNP-1) and beta-defensin-1 (hBD-1).

IPF PharmaCeuticals GmbH
A pharmaceutical discovery unit for the isolation and characterization of novel endogenous peptides with biological activity. Many papers and patents on the human beta-defensins have been produced by this company.

Maltagen is a young biotechnology company specialized in producing low-cost pharmaceutical biomolecules in high quality by Molecular Farming, using transgenic barley as bioreactors. One of the products that the company specialises in is the production of Plant-made Protein (PMP) human defensins.

MBL International Corporation
MBL International manufactures and sells peptides, defensins being one of them.

Meridian Life Science
Meridian Life Science manufactures and sells antibodies and peptides, the beta-defensins being one of them.

Novozymes Inc.
This company is involved in defensins discovery. Together with researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, they have isolated plectasin, the first defensin found in fungi. As of July 2008, Novozymes Inc has screened more than 660 variants of plectasin, and identified the most potent one. Animal trials are underway, and the company hopes to move the peptide to the clinic in 2010.