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Last updated: 3rd February 2010

InvestigatorInstitutionResearch Interest
Anderson M. A.Department of Biochemistry - La Trobe University - AustraliaThe distribution, biosynthesis, structure, function, mode of action and applications in agribiotechnology of flower-derived plant defensins from solanaceous
Barran Perdita E. School of Chemistry - University of EdinburghStructure-function relationship of beta-defensins using FT-ICR MS and molecular modelling.
Beuerman Roger Singapore Eye Research Institute
Bevins Charles L.University of California, DavisThe specific role that defensins epithelial antimicrobial peptides play in mucosal host defense.
Biragyn Arya Laboratory of Immunology - Gerontology Research Center- BaltimoreMolecular mechanisms and signaling pathways of beta-defensin-mediated iDC activation.
Blecha FrankDepartment of Anatomy and Physiology - Kansas State University - USA
Bulet PhilippeTechniques de l’Ingénierie Médicale et de la Complexité - Informatique, Mathématiques et Applications de Grenoble (TIMC-IMAG) - Université Joseph Fourier - FranceIsolation and characterization of defensins and other antimicrobial peptides, from insects and marine animals.
Campopiano Dominic J. School of Chemistry - University of EdinburghStructure-function relationship of Defr1 mouse defensin, a dimeric peptide held together by an unusual intermolecular S-S bond.
Caughey G. H.Cardiovascular Research Institute and Department of Medicine - University of California at San Francisco USA
Chen Cheng-ChenDepartment of Tropical Medicine - School of Medicine - National Yang-Ming University - TaiwanUsing genomic mass-screens, EST sequencing, microarray analysis, and proteomics, etc., to identify important mosquito defense factors.