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Last updated: 3rd February 2010

InvestigatorInstitutionResearch Interest
Thomma Bart P.H.J. Arabidopsis Molecular Phytopathology - Wageningen university
Verma ChandraBiomolecular Modelling and Design - Bioinformatics Institute SingaporeComputational structure-function studies and design of defensins and analogues
Yu Pak-Lam Biotechnology Group - Institute of Technology and Engineering - Massey University New ZealandActions of defensins on bacterial and fungal pathogens using atomic force microscopy. Phylogenetic relationship of beta-defensins from avian and mammalian sources.
Caughey G. H.Cardiovascular Research Institute and Department of Medicine - University of California at San Francisco USA
Lowenberger CarlCell Biology Group and Pest Management Group - Department of Biological Sciences - Simon Fraser University - CanadaVector insect-parasite interactions and vector innate immunity, for the mosquito Aedes aegypti, the triatomid bug Rhodnius prolixus, and the parasites Brugia malayi, Plasmodium gallinaceum and Trypanosoma cruzi.
Huw H. ReesCellular Regulation and Signalling Division - School of Biological Sciences - University of Liverpool
Eggleston Paul Centre for Applied Entomology and Parasitology - Research Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine - Keele University - UKComparative analysis of promoter function in defensin genes from the mosquitoes Anopheles gambiae and Aedes aegypti.
Nagaraj RamakrishnanCentre for Cellular and Molecular Biology - Hyderabad India
Schroder Jens-Michael Clinical Research Unit - Department of Dermatology - University Hospital Kiel Germany
McDermott Alison M.College of Optometry - University of HoustonExpression and roles of cationic antimicrobial peptides at the ocular surface.