Antimicrobial Peptide Databases

ANTIMIC :A Singapore Database of antimicrobial peptides (presently inactive)
AMSDb :Antimicrobial Sequences Database
APD :The Antimicrobial Peptide Database
APPDb :Antimicrobial Peptide and Protein database (presently inactive)
SAPD :A database for Synthetic Antibiotic Peptides
PenBase :Database of antimicrobial peptides from penaeid shrimps
AMPer :A database and discovery tool for antimicrobial peptides, based on hidden Markov models and the SwissProt databank
Peptaibol Database :The peptaibols are antimicrobial peptides with a high proportion of nonstandard amino acids.
MiniCOPE :Innate immunity defense peptides dictionary
The curators thank Alex Tossi of the AMSDb for sharing his information on some of these links.

Singapore Links

A*STAR :Agency for Science, Technology and Research
Bioinformatics Institute
Singapore Eye Research Institute