Grant Number :    2R01AI036258-05

Pricipal Investigator : Fallon Ann

Project Title : Mosquito immunity functions

Abstract : This 4-year proposal describes continuing investigation of immunity functions expressed by Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti mosquito cell lines. In a previous funding period, it was shown that these cells express several inducible activities when stimulated with heat-killed bacteria. Activities corresponding to transferrin, defensin, lysozyme and cecropin have now been characterized at the molecular level, including recovery of corresponding cDNAs. In aim 1 they will use the cecropin and lysozyme cDNAs as probes to characterized gene family size and genomic DNA structure. The work will include identification of exon-intron organization and recovery of upstream flanking DNA, which will be analyzed for potential regulatory elements.


Duration of Award : 01JUL 1995 - 31 DEC 2004

Amount :

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